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Learning Roots Programme (LR) National Impact, Oct 2019 - March 2021

World Vision
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World Vision’s aspiration for all children is for them to be “Educated for Life,” from birth all the way through and beyond adolescence. This life-cycle approach at the heart of World Vision’s education strategy enhances learning outcomes by integrating physical, mental, social and emotional support across each phase of a child’s development, especially for the most vulnerable.

Early Childhood Development (ECD) programmes are powerful equalisers for children who live in resource-poor settings, and they play an important role in breaking the intergenerational cycle of poverty. The Learning Roots project model is designed to meet the development and learning needs of children ages 3-6. These years are a window of opportunity to support the emergence of literacy, numeracy and life skills that will form the foundation for a life-time of learning and fulfillment.

Learning Roots interventions are underpinned by a view of the complete environment of the child, to include and empower family, community and society, and strengthen these systems to establish the strongest foundation for their children’s futures. It is an evidence based model where all its components offer support for the most vulnerable children with special attention to inclusion, preparing them for a successful transition to primary school.