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Global Weather Hazards Summary: April 23 - April 29, 2021

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Continued below-average rainfall maintains abnormal dryness in southern Somalia

Africa Weather Hazards

  1. Despite efficient mitigation efforts, desert locust swarms and hopper bands remain present in parts of East Africa.

  2. Rainy season performance has been below-average in parts of Madagascar, resulting in abnormal dryness and drought while Mauritius has been experiencing heavy rainfall causing flash flooding.

  3. Rainy season performance has been moderate to heavy rainfall with flash flood warnings over northern Angola.

  4. African Migratory Locust swarms and hopper bands are increasingly present in parts of Angola, northeastern Botswana, northeastern Namibia, and souwthern and western Zambia. Brown locusts were also reported in areas of South Africa.

  5. Abnormal dryness persists in southern areas of South Africa.

  6. A recovery from dryness in southern Ethiopia has been minor while northern and eastern Ethiopia continues to remain abnormally dry. Below-average rainfall for several weeks has caused significant dryness in areas of Somalia and Kenya.