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Summary of forecasting for NDPC in 2020 and assessment of hydro-meteorological situation in the Southern region

Govt. Viet Nam
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On April 16, 2021, the Standing Office of the Central Steering Committee for Natural Disaster Prevention and Control attended the Conference to summarize the forecasting work for natural disaster prevention and control in 2020 and commented on the hydro-meteorological situation in 2021, hosted by Southern Regional Meteorology & Hydrometeorology Station - Directorate of Meteorology & Hydrometeorology in Con Dao - Ba Ria - Vung Tau.

Attending the conference were representatives of the Standing Office of the Central Steering Committee for Natural Disaster Prevention and Control: Mr. Nguyen Thanh Nam (Head of the representative agency in the South), Mr. Le Hong Phong - Deputy Director of the Directorate of Hydrometeorology, leaders of the People's Committees of provinces: Binh Duong, Ben Tre, Vinh Long, Can Tho City, Bac Lieu, Ca Mau, leaders of Thac Mo and Tri An reservoirs and leader representatives of the Standing Office of the Steering Committee for Natural Disaster Prevention, Control & Search and Rescue, leaders of Departments of Agriculture and Rural Development, Department of Natural Resources and Environment, leaders and staff of the Meteorology and Hydrometeorology stations in 19 provinces and cities in the South.

In recent years, natural disasters have become increasingly complicated and unusual under the impact of climate change; Droughts, heavy rain, floods, floods, landslides, thunderstorms, storms, ... seriously affect production and daily life. In particular, the Southern region is considered to be one of the areas severely affected by climate change, if sea level rises 0.5-1m, 40% of the Mekong Delta area will be inundated, directly affecting 31 million people in the Mekong Delta and Ho Chi Minh City.

Facing increasingly complicated developments of natural disasters and increasing social demands on forecast quality, forecast information is regularly and promptly updated ... so ensuring accurate and continuous monitoring data and improvement of the quality of hydro-meteorological forecasts is an urgent requirement for the hydrometeorology industry in general and the Southern Regional Hydrometeorology Station in particular, it is necessary to have orientations and solutions. specific methods. Regarding the assessment of the hydro-meteorological situation in the remaining months of 2021, in April and May, the total rainfall in the Southern region is higher than the average of many years, in June, July and October, November is approximately the average for many years, August and September are about 20% lower than the average of many years. Regarding the hydrological situation of the watershed of the Mekong River in 2021, it is unlikely that early floods will occur, the flood peak is likely to be between alarm 1 to alarm 2, appearing in the second half of September 2021.

Speaking at the Conference, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Nam - Director of the Southern Sub-Department of Natural Disaster Prevention and Control, representative of the Standing Office of the Central Steering Committee for Natural Disaster Prevention and Control commented: In recent years, the work of natural disaster prevention and control always has the direction and implementation from the Party, State, Government, ministries, sectors, local authorities at all levels, mass organizations and the entire population and achieves great results. Natural disaster prevention and control has been carried out quite synchronously, move from passive to proactive prevention, combine structural and non-structural solutions, ... In which, there is a very important contribution of the hydrometeorology industry, units assigned to warn and forecast natural disasters. However, in recent years, there are still many difficulties and challenges to the hydrometeorology industry such as: Not fully equipped with modern machinery, technology, some fields of people, technology, machinery, equipment ... has not yet met the actual situation and development trends; The close relationship and mutual support between the hydrometeorology industry and the Standing Office of the Provincial Steering Committee is sometimes not close.

Facing extreme developments of natural disasters and climate change, it is required that hydro-meteorological forecasting and warning must be done synchronously, comprehensively, suitable to the characteristics of each region, in order to be more proactive in service of natural disaster prevention and control. Hydrometeorology industry needs to strengthen more training in knowledge and capacity for staff; retrofit with monitoring and forecasting machines and equipment. The Standing Offices of the Local Command Committee strengthen the coordination and support of the provincial hydro-meteorological stations, the Southern region's hydro-meteorological stations: Install more dedicated monitoring stations, fund for implementation of natural disaster forecast and warning works, serving the direction and administration of natural disaster response.

Hydrometeorological forecasts and warnings sent to the local natural disaster prevention, control and search and rescue command committee should be timely and served to advise decision-making leaders in the direction of natural disaster prevention and control work, as well as serve the local socio-economic development. Strengthen information and communication activities to raise awareness as well as skills in response to natural disasters for the people, and to reduce damages caused by natural disasters./.

Nguyen Thanh Nam - Southern Sub-Department of Natural Disaster Prevention and Control