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World Food Programme Zimbabwe: Country Strategic Plan (CSP) Update #45, 16 April 2021

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In the second to last month of the 2020/2021 Lean Season Assistance (LSA) Programme cycle, WFP provided food assistance to 1,053,396 people in addition to the 411,792 people who received March rations during February double distributions. In March, WFP conducted an internal visioning workshop to set the stage for the 2nd generation of WFP’s Country Strategic Plan which is expected to run from 2022-26. WFP Zimbabwe’s 2020 Annual Country Report was published in March. WFP continues to provide supply chain services for partners in Zimbabwe, handling 1.2 million USD worth of commodities in March.

In Numbers:

People assisted in March 2021:

1,053,396 – Lean Season Assistance 303,763 – Urban Resilience 5,079 – Health and Nutrition 13,692 – Support to Refugees