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Chad Emergency External Update (Ouaddai Province (Eastern Chad) - 14 April 2021

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West Darfur intercommunal clashes led to new displacement

On 15 January, in one of the Krinding IDP camps in West Darfur, an Arab man and his son were reportedly stabbed by a Masalit assailant. The father and son were taken to the hospital, but the father died on 16 January. This episode triggered intercommunal clashes between the two communities and forced 5,000 Sudanese people to cross the border into Chad.

Between 3 and 9 April 2021, further violence between Arab and Masalit ethnicities displaced 1,860 Sudanese across the border into Chad. UNHCR offered them assistance and the option for relocation to Moura. However, most all of them have now returned to Sudan as the situation has slightly improved even though it remains unpredictable. So far, only 4 households/12 individuals remain at the border area in the Hileta village and will be relocated to the camp on 15 April 2021.

Population Profile

The majority of 4,754 are women and children. They arrived exhausted, traumatized and often with signs of malnutrition. Refugees are scattered in various villages around the Sudanese/Chadian border in the areas of Tougoul-Tougli, Ferrik Tchoyo, Ardebe, Tarchana, Adre, Hile Moursal, Agang, Hileta, Bahou,
Yakata and Goungour.

Initial assessments and response

Following an alert of the authorities in eastern Chad, a joint mission comprising of UNHCR and CNARR (Commission Nationale pour l'Accueil et la Réinsertion des Réfugiés et des Rapatriés) was conducted on 18 January 2021. A rapid assessment conducted jointly by UNHCR and CNARR, showned that they were in acute need of aid, including food, health services, water and sanitation, shelter, and core relief items.

The security situation in West Darfur remained volatile and unpredictable and was marked by new clashes in West Darfour that led to 1,860 new arrivals. UNHCR maintains close cross-border and protection monitoring. The new arrivals were reached out by UNHCR and its partners, but most of them returned back to their villages in Sudan by 14 April.

It is worth mentioning that in late December 2019, May and July 2020, clashes between Arab and Masalit ethnicities already displaced 18,500 Sudanese across the border into Chad. 8,442 out of them were hosted in Kouchguine-Moura camp while others are believed to have returned to Sudan. As of 13 April 2021,
Kouchaguine-Moura camp hosts 10,920 including 2,478 individuals relocated this year from the transit center in Adre after completion of seven days of quarantine as recommended by the Chadian government authorities in accordance with COVID-19 prevention measures in the country.