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UNICEF Mozambique Cabo Delgado Flash Appeal - April 2021

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Overview of Humanitarian Needs

 One in every two children under five in Cabo Delgado are stunted, with high levels of chronic malnutrition at 53 per cent (IOF 2015).

  • 160,000 people are facing severe acute food insecurity (IPC 3 and above); and an additional 225,000 people facing stress levels of food insecurity (IPC 2) due to the impact of climatic shocks and violence in most affected districts of Cabo Delgado (IPC Nov 2020).

  • Acute food shortages and agitation were reported by multiple partners, following the recent attacks in Palma, displacing more than 9,800 people, 45 per cent being children (DTM April 2021).

  • Rapid SMART survey conducted in seven districts of Cabo Delgado in February 2021 revealed Global Acute Malnutrition (GAM) prevalence as high as 12.7 per cent and Severe Acute Malnutrition (SAM) prevalence between 1.0 to 3.8 per cent across both IDP sites and host communities.

 SAM-reported admissions in malnutrition treatment facilities were significantly high in the past four months, with an abrupt increase in December 2020, potentially attributable to the increase in the influx of internally displaced people and a cholera outbreak (SISMA 2021).

  • UNICEF and partners estimate a potential increase in people in need, with over 33,443 children under five estimated to be affected by SAM in Cabo Delgado.

  • There is urgent need to procure 15,000 cartoons of RUTF to cover the unmet needs of approximately 15,000 children under five affected by SAM and conflict throughout the year.

  • The nutrition sector has a funding gap of about 75% to cover the unmet needs of children that face the double burden of SAM and the conflict.