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Haiti: Floods in Northern departments and displacement in Port-au-Prince Situation Report n.3 (10/04/2021)

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• National authorities report 2,676 households affected by floods in North, North West and North East departments. Severe losses of plots and livestock were assessed by FAO and Ministry of the Agriculture.

• Simultaneously, the humanitarian community in Haiti prepares to respond after the attacks against civilians, were approximatively 3,000 people have fled the Tabarre Issa site in Port-au-Prince.

• IDPs in Tabarre Issa are exposed to protection concerns related to stigmatisation and discrimination.


From 3 to 4 April heavy rains fell over the Northern regions of Haiti. According to last reports from the Civil Protection, flooding was reported in North West, North East and North Departments affecting at least 11 communes. Preliminary assessments indicate a toll of 2,676 affected households, 3 fatalities and 3 people still missing.

Rapid assessments by the Ministry of Agriculture (MARNDR) and FAO estimate that 160 hectares of agricultural land have been severely affected. Important loses in livestock were also reported in North East department. Further assessments on the impact on agriculture are still to be undertaken in the departments of North and North East.


The Communal Emergency Operations Centres (COUDs) were activated in North and North East departments to coordinate the response. FAO and the Ministry of Agriculture (MARNDR) continue to assess the situation. Local authorities in NorthWest Department delivered cash assistance (2,500 GHT) for 149 affected households and are planning to implement WASH activities, distribute hygiene kits, non-food items and food assistance for the most affected people. The Nord-East department authorities, delivered humanitarian assistance to 1,275 families, including the provision of hygiene kits, water and food, and distribution of seeds and agricultural tools.

Emergency protocols remain maintained by the local authorities in the most affected departments. Communication with communities is being strengthened to inform about risks and prevent further losses. Humanitarian partners with OCHA’s support continue to monitor the situation and liaise with the General Directorate of Civil Protection (DGPC) should any request for additional support be made.

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