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Education in Danger Monthly News Brief, February 2021

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Safety, security and access incidents affecting the provision of education



15 February 2021: In Kididiri, Busoni commune, Kirundo province, a police officer shot in the direction of three teachers accused of being National Congress for Liberty (CNL) members without injuring them. Source: ACLED1 25 February 2021: In Rukaramu, Mutimbuzi commune, Bujumbura province, an Imbonerakure high school teacher was attacked and killed by an armed group a few days after receiving death threats from a local chief during a National Council for the Defense of Democracy – Forces for the Defense of Democracy (CNDD-FDD) meeting in Mutimbuzi. Source: ACLED

Burkina Faso

03 February 2021: In Raogo village, Pensa commune, Sanmatenga province, a school was set on fire by suspected militants during an attack on the village. Motorbikes belonging to a Volunteers for the Defence of the Fatherland (VDP) member were also burned and four people were killed.* Source: ACLED1


01 February 2020: In Kouva locality, Mayo Moskata district, Far North region, suspected Boko Haram militants reportedly killed a student. No further details specified.* Source: L’Oeil du Sahel

02 February 2021: In Kribi town, South region, three suspects were arrested in connection with the murder of a teacher whose bruised body was found on the 31st of January.* Source: Mimi Mefo Info on Twitter

03 February 2021: In Dschang city, West region, University of Dschang a student attempted to set fire to the Faculty of Economics and Management buildings. It is suspected that the motive was the destruction of students’ reports and other administrative documents. Source: Mimi Mefo Info

05 February 2021: In Bamenda town, Mezam district, North West region, four people, two of them students, were released by the Cameroonian military from an Ambazonian separatist camp. At least one of the students, a 17-year-old girl, was kidnapped a week prior by the separatists on her way to school. The detainees were reportedly tortured.* Source: Voa News

Around 7 February 2021: In Bamenda town, Mezam district, North West region, three students and another person were abducted by Ambazonian separatists at the Beyelle High School.* Source: ACLED

19 February 2021: In Kumba city, Meme department, Southwest region, students fled after hearing rumours of COVID-19 vaccinations at school. At least three students sustained injuries as they struggled to run out of their school campus. Source: Mimi Mefo Info

Democratic Republic of the Congo

20 February 2021: At Kalembe village, Walikale territory, North Kivu province, a teacher was kidnapped by an armed group.* Source: ACLED

20 February 2021: In Kazimia, Fizi territory, South-Kivu province, a teacher was killed with a machete by an unidentified armed group during an incursion in which the perpetrators were reportedly looking for money.* Source: ACLED

24 February 2021: In Mahungubwe locality, Uvira, South Kivu province, a teacher at Kibanga primary school and a football player were injured and abducted by an armed group, suspectedly Mai Mai militia, who later demanded a ransom for the teacher to be freed. Sources: Kivu Times

25 February 2021: In Bukavu city, South Kivu province, a rumour that school children will be vaccinated against COVID-19 provoked panic, with parents hurrying to pick up their children from schools. Source: Radio Okapi


01 February 2021: In East Welegga division, Oromia region, a schoolteacher was shot dead by security forces for allegedly having links to the Oromo Liberation Front. Source: ACLED

Ivory Coast

15 February 2021: In Williamsville neighborhood, Abidjan city, Abidjan Autonomous district, a student was shot dead during a night security operation carried out by police forces who mistook the student for a gang member. One police officer was arrested. Violent protests took place the following day as a result of this incident. Sources: GardaWorld


03 February 2021: In Igikiro settlement, Murang'a county, eleven students were suspected of setting fire to a school dormitory. The schoolboys were arrested and the school was closed indefinitely. Source: All Africa

10 February 2021: In Mandera town and county, the growing presence of al Shabaab jihadist groups in the region resulted in school closures due to teachers preemptively fleeing the area for fear of impending insecurity. Source: The Defense Post

23 February 2021: In South Mugirango constituency, Kisii county, three students allegedly set fire to a school dormitory. Source: All Africa


08 February 2021: In Gaja village, Guidan Roumdji commune, Maradi region, a teacher and two other people were shot dead by gunmen on motorbikes. The incident is not believed to be targeted. Sources: Aïr-Info Agadez

08 February 2021: In Dan Mani village, Guidan Roumdji commune, Maradi region, a student was shot dead by gunmen who also stole livestock. Source: ACLED

12 February 2021: Near Mararaba, Tchirozerine commune, Agadez region, a Tahoua University vehicle carrying the chief of the Faculty of Education Sciences was attacked by gunmen. The vehicle crashed and flipped over, sustaining damages. No casualties were reported.* Source: ACLED


18 February 2021: In Kagara community, Rafi Local Government Area, Niger state, armed men broke into the Government Science College and reportedly kidnapped around 42 people, including three teachers, three non-teaching staff, nine family members and 27 students. A student who tried to flee was gunned down and killed. A ransom was allegedly demanded from the Niger state governor. In reaction to the event, the Niger state governor ordered the temporary closure of all boarding schools in Rafi, Mariya, Minya, and Shiroro local government areas. The victims were released three days later, on 21 February.* Sources: All Africa, Eons Intelligence, Info Chrétienne, Reuters, Sahara Reporters, UN News and Vanguard

18 February 2021: In Osogbo city, Osun state, approximately 20 youths armed with knives and other weapons invaded a school’s premises, masquerading as students. Following the break-in, the state government ordered the closure of the school. Sources: Sahara Reporters and EONS Intelligence

22 February 2021: Along the Andoni-Ogoni road, Rivers State, suspected pirates ambushed and abducted a lecturer of the Department of Linguistics and Communication Studies at the University of Port Harcourt. The academic was travelling by boat when he was abducted. Sources: EONS Intelligence and Sahara Reporters

22 February 2021: In Goniri town, Gujba Local Government Area, Yobe state, a Nigerian soldier reportedly assaulted the head teacher of a primary school, injuring his eye. The attack was allegedly triggered when the victim blocked traffic from passing through a street in the middle of the school. Source: Sahara Reporters

26 February 2021: In Jingebe town, Talata Mafara Local Government Area, Zamfara state, gunmen, some dressed as government security forces, assaulted the Government Girls Secondary School, a boarding school, and kidnapped 317 schoolgirls, seven of whom managed to escape. The perpetrators, reported to have numbered more than 100 men, broke the school gate and shot at the security guard before abducting the schoolgirls and taking them to the forest. The perpetrators demanded a ransom in exchange for the captives. As a result of the incident, the governor of Zamfara state ordered the temporary closure of all schools in the state.* Sources: AP, BBC, EONS Intelligence I, EONS Intelligence II, EONS Intelligence III, Daily Post, Nkiruka Nistoran, Punch, Reuters, The New Humanitarian and UN News


09 February 2021: In El-Fasher city, North Darfur state, schools were closed for three days following violence and insecurity in the city. Sources: Dabanga Sudan and GardaWorld

09 February 2021: In Kabkabiya town and district, North Darfur state, students demonstrating over a teachers’ strike stormed their school, looted equipment, and burnt documents. Source: Dabanga Sudan