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COVID-19 surveillance Weekly bulletin for Libya Epidemiological Week 14 (29 March – 04 April)

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• 33,613 new lab tests done in 28 (out of 32) COVID-19 labs reporting for Epi-week 14. Out of the total 903,259 tests done in Libya since the beginning of the response, 163,442 (18.1%) were confirmed positive for SARS-CoV2 (COVID-19).

• As compared to Epi-week 13, there was a 22% increase in overall national testing: as for regions, the West (25% increase), East (2% decrease) and South (29% decrease) during the reporting week. (-see fig. 1)

• The national positivity rate for Epi-week 14 decreased further from 18.3% to 17.5%; this is attributable to overall increased testing in West with a positivity rate of 17% but is difficult to generalize based on high positivity rates in East (27%) and South (34%) as compared with national-level positivity rate.

• Community transmission is ongoing. The overall number of new cases reported shows a 17% increase compared to the prior week, with West reporting a 21% increase in new patients. East reported a 6% decrease and South a 25% decrease in the number of cases.

• Trends in the number of cases are directly proportional to lab testing trends in the regions for the reporting epidemiological week.

• In Epi-week 14, the number of new deaths (104) decreased by 26% compared to last week. The mortality rate fell to 1.53 deaths per 100,000 cases, with a case fatality rate declining to 1.8%.

• All regions reported a decrease in deaths for the reporting week East (42% decrease), West (24% decrease) while South (17% decrease) (- see table 1)

• Libya remains classified under community transmission with a verified circulation of both Variants of Concern VOC 202012/01(B.1.1.7, UK Variant) and 501Y.v2(B.1.351, South African Variant) in the country.