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Polio this week as of 07 April 2021

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Polio this week as of 07 April 2021

  • The GPEI has published a new document meant to provide guidance on tOPV temperature management procedures, which differ from those used in mOPV2 response to poliovirus type 2 events and outbreaks. The document is available here.

  • Summary of new WPV and cVDPV viruses this week (AFP cases and ES positives):

    • - Afghanistan: five cVDPV2 cases and eight cVDPV2 positive environmental samples
      • Pakistan: two WPV1 and three cVDPV2 positive environmental samples
      • Burkina Faso: one cVDPV2 case
      • Côte d’Ivoire: four cVDPV2 positive environmental samples
      • Liberia: one cVDPV2 positive environmental sample
      • Sierra Leone: one cVDPV2 case