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The Manchester Briefing (Issue 33)

Univ. Manchester
Publication date

Co-production of recovery plans with the public is the focus of this week’s Manchester Briefing (Issue 33). We identify three core barriers to co-production (Pace, Distance [physical and social], and Complexity [of the context]) to provide a broad framework to facilitate co-production of recovery and renewal from COVID.

We share lessons from:

  • UK – co-producing mental health strategies with service users

  • Lebanon – community roles during crises

  • Rwanda – domestic tourism for recovery of the tourism industry

  • Morocco & UK – gendered economic impacts of the pandemic

  • Philippines – ecosystem-based strategies for local DRR and recovery

  • Azerbaijan – a national narrative for recovery and renewal

  • Australia – actions following Impact and Needs Assessments

  • Malawi – peer review process for recovery and renewal plans

Our case study discusses the ‘attainment gap’ and 2021 exam year assessments.