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Afghanistan: Rapid Protection Assessment Report - Nawabad Village, Ghazni City, Ghazni province - February 2021

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DRC conducted a rapid protection assessment (RPA) on the 27 February 2021 after the new displacement had been observed during the protection monitoring in the Nawabad village (near to Ghazni city) of Ghazni province. Due to armed conflict, approximately 200 households (HHs) are displaced from Nawur and Malestan districts of Ghazni province and Jaghatu district of Wardak province, 20km northwest of Ghazni province, to Nawabad village.
These families were displaced within the last 5 months. The DRC Protection Team conducted 3 Key Informant Interviews (KIIs), 4 Community Discussions (CDs) and 5 Direct Observations (DOs) with men, women, youth, elderly people and persons living with physical disabilities (PlWD). 65 community members consisting of 33 women and 32 men participated.


Approximately 200 HHs were displaced from Nawur and Malestan districts of Ghazni province and Jaghatu district of Wardak province, due to on-going armed conflict between Armed Opposition Groups (AOGs) and the Afghan National Army (ANA). They are settled in partially destroyed rental houses in Nowabad village of Ghazni province. 85% of respondents, and especially female-headed HHs, reported that they had left most of their valuable belongings back at home and were only able to carry their civil documentation and one pair of clothes. All internally displaced persons (IDPs) reported that they shared public buses and taxis to Nawabad village (the area of displacement). During CDs, 45% of IDPs reported that their relatives and neighbors are still in Nawur, Malestan and Jaghtu districts and unwilling to leave their personal properties and agricultural lands.

However, IDPs showed concerns for their safety due to the ongoing armed conflict, and stated that they may leave if conflict intensifies. About 90% of IDPs reported that they anticipate more arrivals due to the deteriorating security situation in their places of origin (AoO).

All participants reported that they do not intend to return due to ongoing armed conflict and that they are well integrated in Nawabad village and social cohesion with the host community.