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Violent attacks in Haiti displace approximately 3,000 people from the Tabarre Issa site in Port-au-Prince

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• Over the past days, as a result of the violence and attacks against civilians, around 3,000 people have fled the Tabarre Issa site in Port-au-Prince.

• As a result of the attacks, at least 80% of the homes have been destroyed or severely damaged.

• Nearly 70% of the displaced report having been victims of violence. At least 1 case of VBG has been reported.

• Urgent needs include basic humanitarian assistance, including protection, as well as psychological support.


Since March 31, IOM has conducted telephone interviews with 244 of the 512 households living in Tabarre Issa. According to the preliminary results of the survey, 84% had sought refuge with relatives, 15% were without a shelter and only 1% had remained in Tabarre Issa. While some households moved to the departments of Centre, Grand'Anse, South and South-East, the majority (96.5%) moved to the neighbourhoods of Vallée de Bourdon, Djobel, Tabarre, Torcel and Pernier.

The attacks were very violent : no less than 80% of the homes were destroyed or heavily damaged. In total, 166 of the 244 interviewed heads of household reported that their homes were completely destroyed.

The survey also indicates that 15% of the heads of household were separated from their families and that approximately 70% were victims of violence, mainly verbal and psychosocial, but also, to a lesser extent, physical. One case of sexual violence was reported.

There are unconfirmed reports that two spontaneous sites are being established in the Vallée de Bourdon. One of the priorities will be to confirm this situation and assess the number of individuals and immediate needs in these sites.

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