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One week into the massive fire in Kutupalong camp logistics sector Bangladesh fire response

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A massive fire broke out in the Kutupalong mega camp on 22 March 2021. The fire started in Camp 8W at around 15:00 and later spread through camps 8E, 9 and 10.

The Logistics Sector (LS) is providing coordination, including ad-hoc meetings, IM capacity and dedicated coordination hubs. The LS loaned 8 assets to MOAS, World Vision (WVI) and WFP including light towers, ablution units, prefabs, generators, and a mobile storage unit (MSU). The LS coordinated the transport of 467m3 (144 mt) of relief items with the support of HIAtlas through 52 trucks on behalf of 8 organisations.

The LS identified qualified labour available and on standby to set up MSUs. Traffic and access to the camps are being updated in the Log IE (PAC), partners are requested to look into the link for further informa-tion: