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WASH Sector Guidance note – Fire response, Version 1- 28 March 2021

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On the 22nd of March a fire erupted in camp 8W in Kutapalong Balukhali Extension, heavily damaging camps 9 and significantly damaging camps 8W, 8E, whilst limited damage was caused to camp 10 through the provision of an artificial fire break and damaging around 200 structures in host communities. Preliminary assessments indicate that at least 10,000 shelters and 1,600 facilities have been destroyed or damaged. As at 24 March, out of the 124,381 people living in the four camps, 45,000 are estimated to be displaced (ACAPS). According to SMS, as of the 27 March, 10,311 persons remain displaced in other camps, of which 53% are female. (Numbers are subject to constant update due to the fluidity of the situation and population’s movements).

Under existing agreements, the response will be implemented within the Area Focal Agencies (AFA) areas of responsibility for displaced persons and immediate response, IOM, UNICEF and UNCHR in their respective areas, whilst reconstruction will be undertaken by IOM and UNICEF in their respective areas. Additional support may be required and requested by AFA from additional response partners.


The following are WASH Sector recommendation for the fire response. This document will be regularly updated as the situation evolves and based upon needs. The below activities must be duly coordinated with CiC, AFA, WASH focal points and communicated to the WASH Sector.