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Zimbabwe Multi-Donor Trust Fund helps improve water & sanitation for the southern African nation

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The Zimbabwe Multi-Donor Trust Fund, also known as the ZimFund, was created in 2010 to support priority recovery and development in Zimbabwe. Managed by the African Development Bank, the fund is endorsed by the Zimbabwean government, development partners and the United Nations, and receives funding from the United Kingdom, Denmark, Germany, Australia, Sweden, Norway and Switzerland.

The fund focuses on emergency infrastructure rehabilitation in water and sanitation, as well as energy.

Over the next two weeks, learn more about how the ZimFund has benefitted local populations since its recent closing of the Urgent Supply & Sanitation Rehabilitation Project and the Emergency Power Infrastructure Rehabilitation Project in 2019.

This week, we explore the ZimFund's support water and sanitation sector. Click play above and watch "ZimFund: Part II" here(link is external) to learn more about how Harare and nearby urban settlements have benefited from ZimFund investments.

Next week, we look at the fund's financing of the Emergency Power Infrastructure Rehabilitation Project.