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Reaching more children living with war: BRAC and War Child announce partnership

War Child
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Today 160 million children are living in high-intensity conflict zones. There is little recognition of the importance of unmet humanitarian needs and children's psychosocial wellbeing. Over 95 per cent of these children do not receive adequate support. BRAC International and War Child Holland will work together to reach many more children, youth and their care givers and provide relevant humanitarian emergency assistance.

BRAC International and War Child Holland have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to develop joint projects, strengthen capacities of the staff and volunteers in both organisations and mobilise resources jointly. They will conduct research and evidence-based policy work and complement one another with their respective thought leadership.

“Every emergency is a simple reminder of the huge unmet humanitarian needs in the world and the limited services available for refugees and children, youth and their families caught up in disasters, wars and disease outbreaks” said Dr Muhammad Musa, Executive Director of BRAC International. “Collaborative action is the only way forward” he said.

“We hope to build on the complementarity of BRAC and War Child Holland to bring evidence-based support to more children and young people quickly”, said Tjipke Bergsma, managing Director of War Child Holland. “We need to confront the global mental health crisis head-on.”

Conflicts are increasingly protracted. There is a growing realisation that humanitarian relief, development programmes and peacebuilding are not serial processes: they are all needed at the same time. The new partnership recognises this ‘humanitarian-development-peace’ nexus and aims to improve the well-being, resilience and empowerment of children and youth, their families and communities and bring transformative changes in their lives.

Founded in 1972, BRAC has a track record and extensive experience of integrated approaches in humanitarian response, education, early childhood development, agriculture, food security and livelihoods, youth empowerment, health, economic development, Ultra-Poor Graduation and financial inclusion. BRAC has developed and implemented evidence-based poverty reduction approaches in different contexts in Africa and Asia. BRAC brings a holistic view and approach to tackle the root causes of poverty to this partnership.

War Child Holland works to improve the resilience and psychosocial wellbeing of children and youth living with violence and armed conflict. It aims to empower children, delivering vital child protection, education and psychosocial support. War Child Holland works to unleash their inner strength through a creative and engaging approach. For media enquiries:

Jeroen Kostense
Media Relations Officer
War Child
Mob: +31 (0) 6 54 97 4886

Nelly Enwerem-Bromson
Senior Director, Programme Development, Resource Mobilization and Learning (PRL)
BRAC International
M: +44 75 3534 3440