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Republic of Sudan Federal Ministry of Health - National Deployment and Vaccination Plan for COVID-19 Vaccines

Govt. Sudan
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Executive summary

Sudan had received invitation to participate in the COVAX facility, the MOH expressed their willingness in participation in the COVAX Facility as part of the 57 AMC countries. Vaccine requested to cover the first 20% of the population without cost sharing with an overall objective initially to directly reduce the morbidity and mortality and maintenance of most critical essential services; then expansion will take place to reduce transmission and disruption of social and economic functions. Then will expand to cover additional 45-60% of the population using the window with cost sharing. The target population will be prioritized following SAGE recommendation and the developed scoring system. Health care workers, the workers dealing with the COVID patients’ bodily secretions and aerosols and elderly with co-morbidity are considered as the top priority for the first wave vaccination.

The vaccination will be in form of 6 days campaign, using fixed, outreached, and temporal health facility, three persons will be per team. The AEFI committees at all levels will be activated. Community awareness and social mobilization plan will be implemented early as possible to ensure demand; on the other hand, a crisis communication plan will be in place.

COVID 19 surveillance system in Sudan will be updated to detect the immunization status.

Vaccine supply system will be prepared to ensure effective vaccine management at all levels

This plan rely on range of proven capabilities already in place in the immunization system, across the wider public sector, in implementing safe vaccination programs for the public. These include; highly experienced teams in the EPI and Health Emergency and disease Surveillance as well as in at the National Regulatory Authority, a reliable and trusted Cold Chain, qualified and trained healthcare workers who will administer the vaccine and experience in mobilizing significant operations and processes for previous mass immunization campaigns. These tried and trusted delivery mechanisms will be augmented by enhanced structures and processes to ensure the safe and efficient administration of vaccinations at a large scale. These include: Coordination and planning committees for COVID vaccination were created from MOH and partners, NITAG actively involved through all process of decision making and will support implementation. Fund raising process was started to cover the operation cost. ICT systems to enable the planning and scheduling of vaccinations, and to support the monitoring and evaluation of the success and effectiveness of the vaccination program