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Bangladesh – Rohingya Response Operation Overview, February 2021

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  • In February, 691 m3 of relief items were received into common storage on behalf of three organisations and a total of 4804 m3 of relief items stored on behalf of 16 organisations in Madhu Chara, Balukhali, Unchiprang and Teknaf Hubs.

  • The Logistics Sector, in partnership with Humanity & Inclusion - Atlas Logistique (HI-Atlas), transported 1268 m3 (479 mt) of relief items for 14 organisations, including INGOs and NGOs, 112 trucks were used.

  • Received Contingency Stock, Soap, Oxygen Cylinder and medical items from Handicap International (HI), Food for the Hungry (FH), Gonoshasthaya Kendra and International Rescue Committee (IRC).

  • Two more rounds of “Warehouse and Inventory Management” trainings have been conducted. In total 69 participants from 36 organisations were trained in 3 batches of the Warehouse and Inventory Management Training.

  • Korean Ambassador and KOICA CD visited the Madhu Chara Logistics hub on 15 February 2021. They were given a tour around the different facilities of the Hub, including the Logistics Hub, where they were briefed on the Logistics Sector activities such as common storages, temperature-controlled storage, contingency stock and the preparedness activities in Madhu Chara Hub.

  • HI/Atlas organised eight trainings including Gesture and Posture, Driver, Conveyor, Fleet Management, Stock Management and Cargo Handling Trainings as well as Cyclone Preparedness Drills. In total, 160 participants attended the trainings where 103 participants were from 37 organizations, and the rest were from the host community.

  • The Logistics Sector, in partnership with IOM, announced the first Pharmacy Management, Quantification & Waste Disposal Training for 2021, to be held in English on 11th March 2021.

  • Cox’s Bazar COVID-19 Special hub located at Sea Palace is now closed. All stocks from the hub have either been released to the partners or relocated to hubs closer to the camps.