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The Manchester Briefing (Issue 32)

Univ. Manchester
Publication date

This week the Manchester Briefing (Issue 32) presents a high-level report of the ‘light touch’ Impact Assessment conducted by Essex Resilience Forum and Recovery Coordination Group following the first wave of COVID-19. Lessons include the need to revisit/update impact assessments to identify new impacts from subsequent waves.

We share lessons from:

  • Republic of Ireland – measures to protect Roma, Gypsy, Traveller and Boater communities
  • Australia – supporting people who may be anxious as lockdown ends
  • Pakistan & South Africa – the re-generation and renewal of local businesses
  • USA & Canada – addressing healthcare backlogs
  • Guatemala & UNDP – mitigating negative recovery impacts on the environment
  • India – positive news stories to relieve the mental fatigue of COVID-19
  • UK – the potential of the 2021 Census for long-term local recovery
  • Australia – activities and partnerships for recovery planning
  • New Zealand – risk ALARP as we live with COVID

Our case study discusses The Integrated Review and the positive vision it holds for UK local resilience capabilities.