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Chad: National Chadian Women's Week (SENAFET), International Women's Day (IWD)

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The 2021 edition of International Women's Day was organized in Chad under the theme: "Civic engagement of women: a driving force for sustainable development". This theme is broken down into 5 sub-themes:

  1. The challenge and opportunity of women's empowerment and political participation;

  2. Chadian women in the face of prejudices: awareness-raising strategies for a change in behaviour and mentalities;

  3. Women and citizenship: an example from the fight against COVID-19;

  4. Legal instruments to combat genderbased violence (women's rights, child marriage and FGM)

  5. The role of women in the maintenance of peace and peaceful coexistence during an election period.

Concern has chosen to frame this edition under the sub-theme: the Chadian woman facing prejudice: awareness strategies for a change in behaviour and mentality.
To mark this Day, awareness sessions were organized in Concern's premises in Goz-Beida and Bagasola as well as in the villages of Koutoufou (Sila) and Kalia (Lac).