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Asia | Meteorological drought 2010-2019 - Emergency Response Coordination Centre (ERCC) – DG ECHO Daily Map | 15/03/2021

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  • The time series of 2010-2019 of the drought severity and frequency was used to represent the drought and its trends.

  • Considering only the decade 2010-2019 and combining severity and frequency, it is possible to identify "hotspots" affected more severely and more frequently by drought: Sri Lanka, Nepal,
    Mongolia, some countries in southeast Asia (Vietnam, Myanmar and Bangladesh) and Armenia in the Caucasus.

  • For the same period 2010-2019, when compared to 1950-2009, increased drought severity was experienced particularly by the Arabian Peninsula (where Jordan reports the largest increase) and the neighbouring Syria, Lebanon and Israel.

  • Increased drought frequency (2010-2019, compared to 1950-2009) was experienced in Sri Lanka (the largest increase), and Nepal, as well as across East Asia and Southeast Asia.