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Ecuador - Volcanic eruption (DG ECHO, GDACS, IGEPN, media)(ECHO Daily Flash of 12 March 2021)

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The activity of Sangay volcano, located in central Ecuador, is increasing over the past few days. On 11 March, a pyroclastic flow descended trough the south-east flank (río Volcán) and an ash column up to 12,5 km above the sea level moved north-westward.

According to the Geophysical Institute of Ecuador (IGEPN) and media, widespread ashfall reached several provinces of Chimborazo, particularly Riobamba City, located 50 km north-west of the volcano.

People have been advised not to stay close to the Volcán and Upano rivers due to lahar risks. Moderate to heavy rain is forecast over most parts of Ecuador. About 133,306 people have been severely affected (29,772 households) and 44,574 ha of agricultural land have been seriously damaged.