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Venezuela | Humanitarian Response Plan 2021

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to assist 160 000 people

FAO requires USD 22 million

period January–December 2021

Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of) is among the world’s ten largest food crises, with over 30 percent of the population facing various levels of food insecurity. While millions of Venezuelans have fled the country, thousands have returned to their home country due to limited job opportunities in neighbouring countries as a result of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) and necessary containment measures. The effects of the pandemic have further exacerbated households’ food security and nutrition, facing the most dramatic worsening of their living conditions during the last five years in the region. Unless local livelihood opportunities are created, seeking hope outside of the country may continue as a sign of despair. Investing in local development and strengthening the resilience of vulnerable people to better living conditions is the only way to encourage them to stay and improve their lives.