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Donor Agencies Urged to Increase Relief Supplies to Tigray

Govt. Ethiopia
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ADDIS ABABA March 9/2021 (ENA) Donor agencies need to increase their relief supply from the current 30 percent relief contribution as the need is very high in Tigray region, Foreign Affairs Spokesperson Dina Mufti said.

Briefing the media today, he said 70 percent of the relief supply has so far been given by the government whereas donors made available only 30 percent.

According to the spokesperson, the donor agencies have been complaining about opening up the humanitarian corridors but their contribution so far is only 30 percent despite the opening of all corridors.

“We would like to impress on the donor agencies to increase their relief supplies because the need is very high,” Dina noted.

Any donor agency or the media need only to notify Ministry of Peace about their travel to access the region.

The government has also promised to conduct collaborative investigation into human rights abuses, the spokesperson added.

“Whoever violates human rights will be investigated by the pertinent and independent authorities. The government is committed to take measures,” Dina pointed out.

The Attorney General and Ethiopian Human Rights Commission are ready to work in collaboration with other independent authorities on the ground, he elaborated.

With respect to GERD talks, the spokesperson said members of the Presidential Panel formed by the President of DRC on the tripartite negotiations had visited Ethiopia from March 3 to 7, 2021.

Before the Congolese group visited Ethiopia, it made similar visits to South Africa, Egypt, and Sudan, where they gathered information on the views of the countries on the tripartite talks, it was learned.

In this regard, Ethiopia has made it clear that it has the natural and legal rights to utilize its water resources fairly and equitably, without causing significant harm to downstream countries.

The Ethiopian side strongly believes that the GERD issue can be solved under the auspices of the ongoing African Union-led negotiation which does not necessitate the involvement of different parties as mediators.

According to a summary of the press briefing issued by the ministry, African problems can be solved through African solutions and the African Union and DRC are perfectly capable of coming up with win-win solutions.