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Component 2 of Serbia national disaster risk management plan (NDRMP): Flood hazard and risk mapping

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Following the 2014 fl oods, the Serbian Government approved a National Disaster Risk Management Program (fi nanced by EU IPA II funds) to develop a long-term risk management system, including the generation of fl ood risk information. The country is aligning its water legislation with the EU: in the case of fl ood management, the UE Floods Directive is almost fully transposed into the Water Law in Serbia.

In this context, the Project prepared fl ood hazard and risk maps for 75 Areas of Potentially Signifi cant Flood Risk (APSFR) previously identifi ed in the Sava (incl. Bosut, Kolubara, Drina), Danube (incl. Banat,
Tisa, Tamis, Velliki Timok), Morava (Juzna, Velika and Zapadna Morava), and Ibar/Lepenac Basins (Figure 1), covering 13,770 km² or 16% of the territory.

The fl ood hazard and risk maps were developed in close collaboration with the Republic Directorate of Water, the Public Water Management Companies Srbijavode and Vode Vojvodine, the Public Investment Management Offi ce, the Republic Hydro-meteorological Service of Serbia, the Republic Geodetic Authority, the Military Geographic Institute, and the Ministry of European Integration. The project was funded by the EU and managed by the World Bank/GFDRR, who provided valuable support and insight.