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Crop Monitor for Early Warning | No. 58 – March 2021

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In East Africa, planting is underway for secondary Belg season crops in Ethiopia, land preparation is underway for the start of the main Long Rains crops in the south, and there is some concern due to dry conditions and forecast below-average March to May rains in eastern East Africa (See Forecast Alert Pg. 5 and Regional Outlook Pg. 8). In West Africa, harvesting of most main and second season cereals finalized in January with generally favourable end of season production, and conditions are favourable for the continued development and harvesting of second season rice crops. In the Middle East and North Africa, conditions are generally favourable for wheat development except in parts of Morocco, Algeria, and Syria due to dry conditions and in Syria and Libya due to ongoing conflict and socio-economic challenges. In Southern Africa, conditions are favourable for the development of main season cereals; however, there is some concern in areas impacted by dry conditions as well as in central and southern Mozambique where Tropical Storm Guambe compounded recent impacts from Tropical Storm Eloise. In Central and South Asia, there is some concern for winter wheat crops where below-average precipitation has been received for the past three months and is forecast to continue through May (See Regional Outlook Pg. 15). In northern Southeast Asia, there is concern for dry-season rice development in parts of Myanmar and Thailand where dry conditions have decreased irrigation water availability and in parts of the Philippines and northern Viet Nam where flooding and cold weather impacted crops. In Central America and the Caribbean, Apante season bean crops are in vegetative to reproductive stage in Nicaragua and Haiti, and overall conditions are favourable.