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Syrian Arab Republic: Whole of Syria Shelter/NFI Sector Humanitarian Needs Overview 2021

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This is the Whole of Syria Shelter and NFI Sector analysis of the Syria Mul-Sector Needs Assessment (MSNA) 2020, feeding into the sector's 2021 response planning and into the 2021 Syria Humanitarian Needs Overview (HNO). The analysis is intended for humanitarian planning only.


For the analysis the following sources were used:
- Syria MSNA 2020
- Syria MSNA 2019
- Population data, August 2020 (Populaon Task Force)

Limitations and biases

  • No Palesne Refugees have been interviewed.
  • No Returnees have been interviewed in Laakia and Tartous.
  • Limited level of representave data.
  • Data from IDP and Returnee populaons cannot be used as representave but rather as a trend.
  • Only one Returnee was surveyed in Damascus (!).
  • The analysis is biased towards male responses with a male-to-female rao of 58:42.
  • Shelter damage levels might be biased towards less-damaged shelters. This is due that only the shelter of the interviewee was assessed, and less people live in shelters with level 3 and 4 damage.
  • Seasonal fluctuaons: MSNA 2020 was conducted in late summer/early autumn, thus crucial needs such as winterizaon needs might not have been reported as a top priority need by respondents.