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UNHCR and Cash Assistance - 2020 Annual Report

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• Meeting its Grand Bargain commitment, UNHCR delivered some USD 700 million to 8.5 million people in 100 countries.

• UNHCR responded rapidly and effectively to COVID, scaling up and/or launching cash in 65 countries.

• 95% of the cash was unrestricted, providing the choice to the beneficiaries.

• UNHCR largest operations delivering cash assistance were: Lebanon, Greece,
Jordan, Iraq, Yemen, Egypt, Turkey, Afghanistan, Mexico, and Somalia

• Refugees accessed digital payments in 47 UNHCR operations; a pathway to financial inclusion.

• The UN Common Cash Statement resulted in common transfer mechanisms in +24 countries1.

• A network of 100 cash experts exist in UNHCR operations and across regions.

• UNHCR has trained + 5,000 staff and launched an online cash learning toolkit and a ToT.

• UNHCR rolled out CashAssist - UNHCR Cash Management System – to 14 operations in 2020.

• +60 countries conducted post-distribution monitoring using UNHCR’s corporate tool.

• New guidance on market assessment, COVID, CBI tool repository, child protection and health, and researched the impact of cash on the environment and child protection.