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Northeast Nigeria - Camp Management Bi-weekly Tracker Report, Report No. 30 | 01 - 15 February 2021

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The reporting period of 1st to 15th February 2021, witnessed series of emergencies ranging from firebreaks to influx of new arrivals. Beneshiekh (Kaga LGA) received a total of 91 households (HH) comprising of 539 Individuals (IND) while in Bama LGA, an alert of population movement from the host community into GSSSS Camp with an estimated number of over 1,301 HH thereby leading to an increase in the threshold of an already congested camp. The major cause could be little assistance going to IDPs in the host communities. Amidst the emergencies, 12 shelters were reported to have been damaged during the reporting period.

The sector was able to bridge the NFI and Shelter gaps (686HH and 743HH) with the sector stock-piled items through one of its partners. These responses will accommodate vulnerable new arrivals, households sharing shelters, and those in damaged shelters as part of improving their living conditions and to provide physical protection against the harsh weather.

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