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UNHCR Cameroon Factsheet - January 2021

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Cameroon hosts 1,960,832 persons of concern to UNHCR: 443,854 refugees, 7,545 asylum seekers, 1,032,942 internally displaced persons (321,886 in the Far North and 711,056 in the North West and South West regions), and 465,757 returnees (former IDPs). Gabon hosts 473 refugees and 84 asylum seekers.

UNHCR began the transfer of newly arrived Central African refugees to the Gado settlement in the East, as Cameroon continued to receive people fleeing violence in the Central African Republic. 3,184 individuals sought refuge in Garoua-Boulai and other areas in the region during the reporting month. A total of 5,655 people crossed into Cameroon since mid-December.

The North West and South West regions witnessed a recrudescence of armed confrontations between non state armed groups (NSAGs) and the army, as well as a surge in the detonation of improvised explosive devices (IEDs), leading to frequent displacement of civilians.