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Intensifying public information to stem increasing COVID-19 cases

UNCT Zimbabwe
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The UN in Zimbabwe is working with Interfaith group to mobilize communities in COVID-19 prevention.

To intensify public information in response to the spike in COVID-19 cases, UNICEF, WHO and other partners supported the Minister of Health to review the national Risk Communication and Community Engagement Strategy and Key messages and development of the 2021 RCCE work plan.

The 3-day meeting was held virtually and in Kadoma from 13 to 15 January. The strategy and key messages revisions were informed by COVID-19 epidemiological data, behavioural insights gathered through rapid assessments, community feedback and community engagement activities implemented in 2020.

Meanwhile, the COVID-19 weekly update by the National Chief COVID-19 Coordinator with support from UNICEF has resumed on Zimbabwe TV on 8 January. The weekly update is also now accessible on UNICEF's data free #IoGTzw platform and the COVID-19 WhatsApp information hub.

Meanwhile, the UN in Zimbabwe is working with Interfaith group to mobilise communities in COVID-19 prevention.

The Apostolic Women and Empowerment Trust (AWET) with support from UNICEF rolled out virtual orientation for 27 district focal persons to lead the Interfaith engagement for COVID-19 behaviour, social change and delivery of essential services.

The interfaith group are working to address challenges in implementing guidance on home isolation for positive cases, increasing burden of care on women and girls and availability of disinfectants for daily use and decontamination purposes.