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DTM Europe: Summary of key activities and findings, January - December 2020

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The DTM Europe team operates out of Vienna, Rome, and Geneva to oversee, coordinate and support DTM activities in Spain, Italy, Greece, Malta, Cyprus, Bulgaria, and Western Balkans. In 2020, the DTM Europe team in cooperation with IOM missions and national authorities gathered, processed, and disseminated statistical data on new arrivals to Europe, the locations and occupancies of accommodation centres, and transit flows from approximately 435 entry, exit and transit flow monitoring points. Moreover, the DTM Europe, in coordination with IOM Country Offices in the EEA and SEEECA regions, took part in a global exercise rolled out by IOM, to track, map and gather data on restrictive measures imposed after the COVID-19 outbreak through a global Points of Entry (PoE) Baseline Assessment.

All analyses and datasets based on DTM Flow Monitoring data – including Mixed Migration Flows in the Mediterranean - Compilation of Available Data and Information reports – were made publicly available on a monthly and quarterly basis throughout the year and are available for download on DTM Europe Geoportal. Additionally, to gain insight into the profile of arriving migrants and their experiences during the journey to Europe, the DTM Mediterranean team carried out 601 Flow Monitoring Surveys with migrants and refugees through a network of 7 data collectors in 35 flow monitoring points located on entry and transit in 6 regions of Italy and Spain. 4 DTM data has been widely used including by the media, academia, UN agencies and other counterparts to raise awareness, inform public debate and policy, and feed into specialized publication on the topic.

This includes the chapter Vulnerability to exploitation and abuse along the Mediterranean migration routes to Italy featured in the IOM’s Migration in West and North Africa and across the Mediterranean volume, and the Refugees and Migrant Children in Europe – Overview of Trends, jointly published by IOM, UNHCR and UNICEF and which presents an insight into the profiles and situations of unaccompanied and separated children.

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