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Investing in Peacebuilding Leadership - Secretary-General’s Peacebuilding Fund - Strategic Plan Results 2017-2019

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The unanimous joint Security Council and General Assembly resolutions adopted in 2016 recognized that the task of peacebuilding and sustaining peace depends on national ownership and leadership, and requires integrated, cross-pillar efforts across the peace continuum. Upon taking office, I placed prevention as a thread of reforms to ensure that the UN system is better at avoiding crises of all kinds, thus sparing the considerable costs of crisis response, lost lives and reversed development gains.

The Peacebuilding Fund is a critical instrument at the heart of these reforms. Over the past three years, with guidance and support from Member States, the Fund has grown, becoming the central and effective tool envisaged at its inception in 2006. With $531 million approved for support to 51 countries, the Fund more than doubled its approvals compared to the previous three-year strategic plan cycle. These investments not only ensured inclusivity and national ownership but drove cohesion of UN strategies across pillars and enabled partnerships with civil society organizations, the World Bank, the African Union, the European Union and others.

I am especially proud of the Fund’s achievements in supporting young people and women. The Fund helped make it possible for many youth organizations to engage in public policy making that affects their lives. And with the Fund’s allocation of almost 40 per cent of its funding to gender-sensitive peacebuilding, exceeding the UN target for five consecutive years, it has set an admirable example for the UN system’s efforts to advance women’s leadership and gender equality.

Unfortunately, despite these achievements, financing for peacebuilding has not kept pace with needs, jeopardizing years of investment in peace and sustainable development. I strongly appeal to Member States to meaningfully increase financial contributions to the Fund. Those resources must be shared more widely across Member States, and be channeled more predictably through pooled mechanisms such as the Peacebuilding Fund if we want to break down silos, which is essential for effective peacebuilding.

This report summarizes the efforts and impact of the Peacebuilding Fund and its implementing partners over the period 2017 to 2019. The results show the immense value of working with Member States and all our partners to prevent conflict and sustain peace in the lives of the people we serve.

António Gutierres, Secretary General