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Syrian Refugee Unit Work Permit Progress Report (December 2020)

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  • 3,004 WP’s were issued in December 2020, the situation retuned to applying working according to the comprehensive instructions Document related to the employment of Syrian labour which has been published in the Official Gazette in Issue No. 5549 Date of 2/12/2018.

  • During December 2020, 412 flexible WP’s were issued in the construction sector under the umbrella of the General Federation of Jordanian Trade Unions (GFJTU), with total of 38,740 WP’s.

  • 1,208 flexible WP’s were issued in December 2020 in the agriculture sector under the umbrella of the cooperatives, with total of 82,544 WP’s.

  • The Ministry of Labour issued a set of instructions in 2020 related to organizing the labour market and mechanisms for renewing work permits for migrant workers.

  • A set of instructions and decisions were issued pursuant to Defence Order No. 6 and the notifications issued and in effect in light of the Coronavirus, regarding workers' rights in the economic sectors.

  • A new publication has been Issued on the Official Gazette 12/31/2020 (Comprehensive Instructions for the Conditions and Procedures for the formalization of Non-Jordanian Workers of Syrian Nationality in the labour market- 2020)

  • Ministry of Labour issued instructions to implement the Cabinet decision regarding extending the period of the grace period for Syrian refugees and exempting them from work permit fees until 12/13/2021.

  • The requirement to conduct a medical examination has been activated for the purpose of issuing work permits to Syrian refugees and exempting them from the fees for this examination.