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Yemen: Weekly Epidemiological Bulletin: Volume 09, lssue 2, Epi week 2, (11-17 January 2021) [EN/AR]

Govt. Yemen
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  • During week no.2,2021, %94 health facilites provided valid surveillance data.

  • The total number of consultation reported during the week was 267700 compared to 264321 the previous reporting week 2 Acute respiratory tract infections lower Respiratory Infections (LRTI), Upper Respiratory Infections (URTI), Other acute diarrhea (OAD) and Malaria (Mal) were the leading cause of morbidity this week.

  • A total of 824 alerts were generated by eDEWS system in week 2- 2021, Of these 815 alerts were verified as true for further investigations with appropriate response