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Turkey Hub Health Cluster Bulletin - December 2020

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▪ The first NGO-run quarantine center opened in Sheikh Bahr in the Maaret-Tamsrin sub-district of Idleb governorate on 1st December. This quarantine center aims to isolate those who have been exposed to confirmed or suspected cases of COVID-19, contrasting with CCTCs where treatment of COVID-19 patients with mild-to-moderate symptoms occur. The quarantine center will enable physical isolation for people who otherwise live in crowded conditions1 .

▪ The Global Health Cluster - Cluster Coordination Performance Monitoring (GHC-CCPM) survey was started and analysis to be completed in JAN 2021.

▪ The number of total IDPs recorded in 2020 was 2,122,394. (source: CCCM)

▪ Universal Health coverage Day was celebrated on December 12. It is the first unanimous United Nations resolution calling for all nations to provide for their citizens affordable, quality health care. A virtual seminar was held by WHO on that regards.

▪ At the end of the year, the funding gap remain a real challenge for NWS. Only 31% of the HRP 2020 was funded while 42% of the COVID-19 response received fund. There is a need to ensure continuity of essential health services in line with the COVID19 response including vaccines for NWS.

▪ A COVID-19 fully subsidized vaccine for an estimated 20% of the population (including 3% for frontline workers) is not expected to start before the second quarter of 2021.