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Resilience in Action - Five years of supporting National Adaptation Plan (NAP) processes

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This report shares highlights from this work, to document and share the approaches that have worked as countries navigate their often challenging—but absolutely critical—National Adaptation Plan (NAP) processes. The NAP Global Network hopes to use the lessons from our first five years to build on and better support countries to tackle the climate crisis through national adaptation planning and action. NAP processes are a fundamental driver of the global climate action agenda. These planning processes improve coordination, set priorities for action, mobilize resources, and allow countries to track progress toward the achievement of their adaptation goals.

The paper concludes with several vision for what the NAP Global Network can achieve with its partners in the coming years. Among other these include the following:

  • Bridge the gap from planning to implementation—though not at the expense of rushing the process in a way that omits consideration of the structural, socio-political issues that underpin successful adaptation;

  • Continue to be a champion for South–South peer learning, demonstrating its value to scaling up adaptation action;

  • Step up efforts to support countries in engaging civil society actors in their NAP processes.