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Somalia: Monthly Water Price Updates (as of 25th January 2021)

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Key Highlights

Somalia is facing a severe water shortage following the poor performance of 2020 short rains (Deyr) and the subsequent abnormally high temperatures, heightening fears of deepening humanitarian crisis in coming months. There was an increase in reports of critical water shortages in parts of Puntland, Galmudug and Somaliland. The authoraties of South West and Hirshabelle states have also reported the dire need for water for rural communities and their livestocks. This situation is expected to persist until the next Gu rainy season. During this dry season (Jilaal), surface water sources and some shallow wells started to dry up, increasing the distance travelled to water sources.
In January 2021, increased water prices were noticed in some part of Gedo region particularly areas around Ceel Waaq and Baardheere districts where the price a barrel of 200-liter capacity of water is about $ 6 to 7.5 followed by parts of Garbahaarey (Gedo) Yeed (Bakool) and Dhahar (Sanaag) where the price a barrel of 200-liter capacity of water is between $ 4 to $ 5. This was mainly attributed to insufficient rains received during the Deyr season that could replenish ground water sources. Furthermore, limited regulation of private water suppliers often leads to expensive prices, forcing households to fetch water from far and from unsafe open wells.
Banadir region has recorded the lowest water prices for a barrel of 200-liter due its proximity to Shabelle river combined with a good presence of private water companies that can provide water at affordable prices to the residents of the capital. The average price of water in US dollars per barrel of 200-liter in Mogadishu is 0.40. Authorities and humanitarian partners are urged for a resumption of emergency water trucking interventions in the areas reported higher water prices particularly the rural areas of Buuhoodle, Badhan, Ceelwaaq, Garbahaareey and ceelberde to avert a further deterioration of the situation.