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TİKA Supplies Power for the Education of Palestinian and Syrian Refugees in Lebanon

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Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) installed a solar energy system on the campus of Unite Lebanon Youth Project (ULYP), a non-profit organization carrying out activities for Palestinian and Syrian refugee children as well as Lebanese people in need.

Power outages of up to 20 hours occur across Lebanon every day due to the insufficiency of investments in energy. Therefore, almost every household either has a generator or purchases generated power. As the fuel is imported and sometimes sold on the black market, generators are sometimes unable to provide a solution to power outages. Moreover, the heavy use of generators causes severe air pollution.

Founded in 2010, Unite Lebanon Youth Project (ULYP) carries out activities for Palestinian and Syrian refugees, who make up about one-fourth of the population of Lebanon. TİKA installed a solar energy system on the campus of the association in Dibbiyeh in order to provide a solution to power outages.

There are two kindergarten classrooms, a music room, a computer lab, an art room, a basketball court, and a football field on the campus of the association, which aims to offer equal opportunities to refugee children, young people, and women in need by providing them with education in various fields such as language, arts, sports, and personal development along with academic education.

With this solar energy system installation project, it was aimed to provide uninterrupted education on the campus and reduce the costs of generators as well as environmental and noise pollution.

Melek el Nimer, the founder and president of the association, thanked TİKA and Turkey on behalf of herself and the communities benefiting from the campus, for the project, which will ensure the supply of power to the classrooms and water pump of the campus.