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Sudan: cVDPV2 Outbreak Response Situation Report No. 13 (Last Updated: 15 January 2021)

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Situation overview

  • Four new cases of cVDPV2 have been confirmed in Sudan, taking the total number of children paralyzed to 56 from 15 states. Of the four new cVDPV2 cases, 2 cases were reported from South Kordofan state and one case each was reported from North Darfur and North Kordofan. Dates of onset of most recent case is 03 December 2020 from North Darfur.

  • The positive environmental samples remained 11, all from environmental sampling sites in Khartoum State.

  • During this week the NPL reported new L20B isolates from one AFP case from South Darfur state.

  • A first round of outbreak response completed 01 December 2020. Vaccinators aim to reach 8.47 million children under five in all 18 states of the country, using mOPV2 vaccine. Admin coverage data was 97.2%, 14 out of 18 states achieved more than 95%. Khartoum achieved lowest in the states.