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Ukraine: DRC / DDG Legal Alert: Issue 59 - December 2020 [EN/RU/UK]

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1. The Parliament Adopts State Budget 2021

On 15 December 2020, the Parliament adopted the State Budget 2021. The highlights include (numbers are rounded up):

  • MinTOT: Two-fold increase in funding to the Ministry for Reintegration of Temporary Occupied Territories (MinTOT) to 1.17 billion UAH, for purposes including: o Ensuring necessary conditions of movement though the contact line (new line) – 267 million UAH; o Reintegration of youth residing within the NGCA and Crimea (new line) – 130 million UAH; o Supporting development of agriculture in Luhansk region (new line) – 30 million UAH; o Significantly increased subvention for conflict-affected communities1 (from 20 million to 125 million UAH); o Significantly increased funds for compensation for housing damaged as a result of the conflict (from 20 million to 114 million UAH).

  • Mine Action: No funds are allocated for the operationalisation of the specialised state bodies envisioned under the recently amended Mine Action Law. The only funding directly prescribed for the mine action purposes is limited to 5 million UAH for the MinTOT;

  • COVID-19: Under different budget lines, the government has directly allocated near 19.6 billion UAH on countering COVID-19 spreading and addressing its consequences, including 2.6 billion UAH for the vaccination purposes. Also, there is a number of budget lines that might be used for these purposes depending on the budget holders’ discretion (subventions to local budgets on healthcare, funding for ‘public health and pandemic prevention’ etc.);

  • GBV: For the first time, the budget provides funding for the establishment of specialised services for the victims of gender-based (GBV) and domestic violence (274 million UAH under the Ministry of Social Policy);

  • Disability matters: Budget allocations to the Fund for social protection of persons with disabilities has significantly increased – from 1.48 billion to 2.21 billion UAH.
    Please refer to the Annexed document for a detailed breakdown of the 2021 national budget in comparison with the previous budgets.