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Brazil: Situation Report – November 2020

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• On 12 November, Brazilian authorities approved Ordinance nº 518/2020, which extends by an additional period of 30 days the exceptional and temporary restrictions on entry by land or sea for refugees and migrants regardless of nationality, due to COVID19. The measures remain the same as those in previous months, explicitly stating that Venezuelans do not benefit from exceptions, regardless their status or family ties in Brazil. The failure to comply with the Ordinance will lead to deportation and disqualification of the asylum claim.

• On 13 November, the Ministry of Education issued the Resolution n. 1 alongside the National Council of Education and the Chamber for Basic Education, on the rights to enrolment of children and adolescent refugees, migrants, stateless and asylum seekers in the Brazilian public education system. The resolution establishes that, when requested, the enrolment of said children and adolescents shall be ensured without discrimination in the primary school system, public-run day cares (creches) and the “Basic Education for Youth and Adults” (Educação de Jovens e Adultos - EJA) — an inclusive system coordinated by the Brazilian Federal Government to provide basic education for adults and adolescents that have not concluded their education. The resolution also waives the refugee and migrant children and adolescents from translated school records, allowing them to undergo placement evaluations in their native language if needed.