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Humanitarian Booking Hub - UN Medical Booking Service - Practice Notes for the Development Coordination Office Business Operations Strategy (January 2021)

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Executive Summary

This Practice Note provides information on the Humanitarian Booking Hub – UN Medical Booking Service, an innovative digital platform for the global operations of United Nations Operational Management Teams (OMTs) and Country Teams (UNCTs) within the Business Operations Strategy (BOS) framework. The Humanitarian Booking Hub is a UN proprietary online platform powered by WFP. It allows staff and managers to book and run medical services and optimise daily management of in-field operations. It standardises business processes, automates request tracking and improves service delivery through real-time monitoring of customer satisfaction. At the same time, it promotes synergies and efficiency gains. It is truly a UN solution for the UN, designed in accordance with the Mutual Recognition, Costing and Customer Satisfaction principles.

WFP initially developed the Hub as a corporate tool to run and manage its field services. Now the platform is offered as a global, inter-agency service to the wider UN. A dedicated team coordinates the Hub's implementation whilst providing regular support to participating Agencies in their locations, from the initial contact to service activation and beyond. By implementing their services on the Humanitarian Booking Hub, Agencies can successfully advance their digital transformation, foster inter-agency collaboration, improve customer satisfaction and contribute to the BOS agenda for common services.