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Press Release on Final Report of Independent Commission of Enquiry (23 November 2020)

Govt. Myanmar
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Republic of the Union of Myanmar
Union Attorney-General Office
Press Release
9th Waxing of Tazaungmon, 1382 ME
(23 November 2020)

  1. The President’s Office has formed the Independent Commission of Enquiry (ICOE) on 30 July 2018 to investigate the allegation of human rights violation in Rakhine State during armed clashes between Myanmar Tatmadaw and ARSA terrorist groups in 2016-2017. Regarding the Final Report submitted by the ICOE, the President’s Office instructed the Union Attorney-General Office on 21-1-2020 to conduct an investigation into any criminal acts and prosecution if concrete evidence was found, and to carry out further enquiry and prosecution on the destruction of property, looting and other criminal acts committed by civilians during the armed clashes.

  2. The President’s Office also issued Notification 19/2020 dated 24-1-2020 to form the Criminal Investigation and Prosecution Body. The report of commission said that there is a total of 139 cases for prosecution—87 cases in colluding with ARSA, 23 cases of border guard police forces and 29 cases committed by local ethnic people in 13 incidents.

  3. The report of ICOE also said that the accomplices with ARSA committed 87 criminal cases, including murder, arson attacks and destruction of property. Among them, lawsuits have been filed against 67 cases, and 20 cases remain. The report included that the border guard police forces committed 23 crimes, such as murder, arson attack and destruction of property. Lawsuits have been filed against these cases. The report concluded 29 cases of murder, arson attack and destruction of property committed by the local ethnic people. Among them, lawsuits have been filed against 20 cases, and 9 cases remain.

  4. Regarding the recommendations in the ICOE report, the Criminal Investigation and Prosecution Body has submitted its first report concerning the criminal cases on 1-5-2020 and the second report on 1-11-2020 to the President’s Office.

  5. A mechanism to address complaints in relation to the attacks in northern Rakhine State has been set up, and its activities will be released to the public.

Union Attorney-General Office