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Guidance brief: How to incorporate cash and voucher assistance into nutrition response

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There is a growing recognition that Cash and Voucher Assistance (CVA), i.e. the provision of cash transfers1 and vouchers2 to targeted beneficiaries, can contribute to improving maternal and child nutrition by impacting on the underlying determinants of adequate nutrition.

The main purpose of this Guidance Brief is to provide the nutrition sector generic guidance to more routinely consider and, if appropriate, use cash and voucher modalities when responding to emergencies, ultimately enabling the sector to better address the nutritional needs of vulnerable populations.

The target audience of this document are nutrition practitioners, be they nutrition cluster/sector coordination teams or nutrition programme staff.

The document provides step-by-step guidance throughout the humanitarian programme cycle on how to incorporate CVA into a nutrition response. It provides references to additional resources on how to operationalize the guidance into practice. It focuses on CVA-specific considerations in nutrition responses. It concludes with recommendations to the nutrition cluster/sector coordination teams and nutrition practitioners. This document is a summary of the more detailed Evidence and Guidance Note on the use of CVA for nutrition outcomes in emergencies.