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UNHCR RBE - South Eastern Europe - Asylum Statistics - Summary of key trends observed (as of 31 December 2020)

Bosnia y Herzegovina
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Summary of key trends observed

  • In December, 1,701 persons in mixed movements arrived in the region, which is 52% lower than in November (3,573). Every year, winter conditions reduces the number of new arrivals and in December 2020 they were 53% less than in December 2019.

  • Only 180 persons filed an asylum application (compared to 163 in November). Only 10% of the expressed intentions to seek asylum were formalized into actual asylum claims. Overall, since January 2020, 4,633 asylum applications have been lodged in the region.

  • In December, eight new positive first-instance decisions (five refugee status and three subsidiary protection status) were handed. In 2020, 36 persons have been granted refugee status and 49 persons subsidiary protection status, while 176 applications were rejected. In addition, 2,423 submissions were closed after the applicants absconded the asylum procedure.

  • In December, the authorities in the SEE region conducted 27 interviews (total of 281 for 2020). This year the average number of interviews conducted monthly is 31.2, which is lower in comparison with the 2019 average (34.5 per month).

  • At the end of December, 451 decisions were still pending (22.6% less than in November (583)).

  • In 2020, 12% (516) of all applications have been submitted by women and 20% (906) by children, including 129 unaccompanied and separated children (UASC) (14.2% of the children in total). December confirms the trend seen in October and November of an increased number of single men in the mixed movements.