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New houses built for people in landslide areas before the Lunar New Year

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After the storms and floods in 2020, Quang Nam province had nearly 45,000 houses damaged, in need of repair, of which 740 houses were completely damaged, 1,524 houses were severely damaged by 50-70%.

With the determination not to let people become homeless, right after the natural disaster passed, Quang Nam province urgently joined in, made temporary houses for people, especially people in high mountain landslide areas, ethnic minorities. Quang Nam province has urgently spent more than 112 billion VND for localities, agencies and units to overcome the damage caused by floods. As for housing, in the landslide areas, areas prone to high mountain landslide, the localities have chosen other locations to build resettlement areas and are urgently building new houses.

Standing Vice Chairman of the Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee of Quang Nam province, Nguyen Phi Hung, said that through the Provincial Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee, localities, units and philanthropists in the country have registered to donate an amount of VND 130 billion to help people in areas suffering from natural disasters overcome their difficulties, stabilize their lives soon, renew and repair damaged houses, restore production.

So far, the amount transferred to the account of the Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee of Quang Nam province is more than 103 billion dong. With this amount, the Committee has allocated 57 billion VND to localities to help people overcome the damage after natural disasters. In which, they support nearly 23 billion dong to build 572 new houses, with the support level of 40 million dong/house; support over 25.7 billion dong to repair nearly 2,400 houses, the average support level is 11 million dong/house. Particularly for ethnic minority households in mountainous districts whose houses were completely collapsed due to mountain landslides, in addition to choosing safe resettlement areas, localities are urgently building houses and essential infrastructure items for people to have new houses before the Tan Suu Lunar New Year in 2021.

As one of the localities most severely damaged by natural disasters, Chairman of the People's Committee of Nam Tra My district (Quang Nam province) Tran Duy Dung said: After the storms and floods caused heavy landslides in October 2020, Nam Tra My district has 19 dead, 13 missing and 33 seriously injured; of which, in Tra Leng commune alone, 10 people died, 20 were injured and 13 are still missing, 95 houses of the people collapsed, were buried and swept away. Currently, the search for the missing people is still continuing. Infrastructure for traffic, irrigation, electricity for daily life, schools, commune health stations, clean water works were badly damaged, thousands of hectares of crops were damaged, greatly affecting the life and production of people. However, with the timely help of the Government, the ministries, central sectors, localities and units nationwide and Quang Nam province, people's lives are now gradually stabilized, production has been restore.

Currently, in addition to searching for missing people, the work of stabilizing accommodation and creating new livelihoods for people is being drastically implemented. Nam Tra My district has found a land of 6 hectares, quite flat, in village 2, Tra Don commune, about 800 meters from the People's Committee of Tra Leng commune and not far from the old village buried by landslides to build a resettlement area for people.

Accordingly, this area will divide 80 land plots, an area of ​​200 square meters / lot. In the immediate future, the district will support funding to build houses for 51 households in village 1 and village 2, Tra Leng commune to resettle before the Tan Suu Lunar New Year with the rate of 150 million/house, other essential infrastructure items are urgently built. In addition to Tra Leng commune, dozens of houses of people in other communes in the landslide area of ​​Nam Tra My district, including Tra Van and Tra Mai, are also urgently built by localities to ensure accommodation for people.

Chairman of the People's Committee of Quang Nam province Le Tri Thanh said, along with actively looking for the missing people, providing food for people in landslide and flash flood areas, facilitating the people to celebrate the Lunar New Year are being continued by localities, units, and philanthropists throughout the country. In communes with severe landslide such as Tra Leng, Tra Van (Nam Tra My district) and Phuoc Thanh, Phuoc Loc (Phuoc Son district), local authorities have searched for a suitable land to arrange stable long term accommodation for the people.

With the determination not to let the people become homeless, right after the storm stopped, Quang Nam province has directed the localities to urgently repair and re-roof the partially damaged houses for people to have a place to live. Households whose houses were completely collapsed or badly damaged shall arrange to live together with relatives so that people can have temporary accommodation. In the long term, Quang Nam province directs localities and functional agencies to urgently seek land and make plans to soon rebuild stable houses for the people.

Currently, in areas with heavy landslides, localities are urgently renovating and repairing houses, trying to complete before the 2021 Tan Suu Lunar New Year for people, Chairman of Quang Nam Provincial People's Committee Le Tri Thanh made a determination.

Damages caused by natural disasters are not small and take a long time to overcome. However, with the drastic and responsible participation of the entire political system, the lives of the people in Quang Nam's landslide area are gradually stabilizing.