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Report: Impact study of COVID-19 on older people and caregivers Azerbaijan (November 2020)

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Azerbaijan Red Crescent
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Executive Summary

In Azerbaijan, older people make up a steadily growing proportion of society, for whom the COVID-19 pandemic poses a serious health risk.

Potential economic, health and social impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic presents an additional threat to the wellbeing of older people, and revials a need for effective policies on ageing and care, and wellorganized integrated care provision models.

This study looks at the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on older people and trained RC volunteers providing social services in the context of general care provision in Azerbaijan, and suggests recommendations to the Azerbaijan Red Crescent Society (AzRCS) and other stakeholders for improving the COVID-19 response and care for older people and caregivers.

The AzRCS plays an auxiliary role to the public authorities in the humanitarian field, supporting the government to address the impacts of COVID-19 through risk communication, and the provision of basic social, food and hygiene support to those who are most vulnerable, including older people.