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Multi Partner Real Time Quality Review: IPC Acute Food Insecurity Analysis (South Sudan, November 2020)

Sudán del Sur
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The IPC Acute Food Insecurity analysis was conducted in South Sudan from October 26th to November 16th, 2020. Due to breakdown in technical consensus in relation to the estimation of populations in IPC Phase 5 (Catastrophe) in six counties, on November 17th, the IPC South Sudan Technical Working Group (TWG) partners requested the IPC Global Support Unit (GSU) to conduct a Real Time Quality Review (RTQR) to assess the presence of population in IPC Phase 5 (Catastrophe) in the counties of Akobo, Aweil South, Pibor, Tonj East, Tonj North and Tonj South. During this process, the county of Pibor was found to present a very concerning situation, with some indicators surpassing the IPC Reference Table thresholds for IPC Phase 5 (Famine) and concerns over the estimation of the nutrition evidence reliability. The RTQR proceeded with the activation of the Famine Review Process on November 19th, 2020, in accordance with the IPC Famine Guidance Note.

In accordance with IPC protocols, the IPC Global Support Unit (GSU) organized an external quality review related to all areas without consensus on populations in IPC Phase 5 (Catastrophe). Several members from the IPC global partnership volunteered to participate in this process. A team of seven IPC food security experts from these organizations reviewed the analysis worksheets and available evidence, supported by two IPC acute malnutrition experts. Two staff members from IPC GSU who had not taken part in the country analysis coordinated the work of the RTQR team. The review concerned the following areas: Akobo, Aweil South, Tonj East, Tonj North and Tonj South, while Pibor has been reviewed by the Famine Review Committee.

In term of process, the RTQR team reviewed all available evidence provided by the IPC TWG for both food security and nutrition, as well as exploited the analysis, assumptions and conclusions provided by the IPC TWG. During the process, the RTQR received additional information about the Humanitarian Food Assistance, with more refined plans.

The RTQR incorporated this information in the analysis. The RTQR presents below its results in the format of RTQR matrixes, including assessment of evidence reliability, evidence levels, evidence convergence and recommendations to the IPC TWG. Furthermore, the RTQR would like to take advantage of this opportunity to provide technical recommendations to improve next IPC Acute Food Insecurity analyses.

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